Why I Cry

The ongoing injustice and aggression globally, is depicted in this poem. The poet makes an impassioned plea for help.

• I cry because of what is happening to me and my nation, while those I consider as my brothers and sisters are laughing and cheering.

• I cry because strangers came and took our livelihood but the world sees them as heroes.

• I cry because when it comes to morning when I’m alive, I don’t know whether the sun will set; if I’ll be among the dead.

• I cry because today I am with my family but tomorrow I will be among those who have no mother, father, brothers or sisters.

• I cry because my two year- old son whom I thought will fight in the cause of Allah to protect my nation has been shot in the head by the oppressors who are supported by those whom we call our Muslim leaders.

• I cry because whenever I try to defend my nation, the world is made to see me as the oppressor while the oppressor is made to be seen as the oppressed.

• I cry because the enemy I am fighting has the most sophisticated weapons in the world while I have only a stone in my hand; but I’m branded a terrorist.

• I cry because I have to travel miles to go and visit my friend due to the fences and ghettoes built by the oppressor.

• I cry hoping that someone will one day hear my plea and rescue me from the oppression I have endured all my life.

By Wagogo Ramadhan