Back to School Campaign Programme

The prosperity of a nation depends on the degree of its investment in Education. The energy dissipated by this type of collective would develop a highly efficient society which would make a meaningful contribution to the development of our country. Education needs to be supported not only in terms of learning material, but in poverty stricken societies, social interventions are paramount.

Many learners at South African Schools cannot afford to meet even the most basic stationery requirements forcing them into a situation of great embarrassment and difficulty during day to day classroom activities.
This in turn can adversely affect their academic performance and limit their progress. Not having a pen to write or a rule to measure or even a book to write in should not be a situation any student finds themselves in and MRASA is committed to making sure that it helps needy children wherever it can to obtain the essential components necessary for an effective education.

MRASA is dedicated to the well-being of refugee children and launched the “Back to School campaign programme” initiative, providing school going learners with learning material such as school bags, books, pens etc.

This is aimed at helping those refugee and asylum seekers’ parents who cannot afford to provide such items for their children.This is made possible with the help and donations from the community and corporates, who have been very much committed to investing in our youth of tomorrow.