HIV / Aids counselling

MRASA offers a face-to-face counselling service for the refugee community.
This service is offered free (although donations are always welcome!) and is available, upon appointment.
This is done through our qualified counsellors who provide more needed support to the people who are affected and infected with the disease.
Providing support, care and counselling for people living with HIV and AIDS.

Our aim is to empower and support people living with HIV and AIDS to live positive, healthy and productive lives.

Trauma Counseling

We also provide trauma counseling to the majority of refugees who come from most war conflict zones.
It’s important to note that refugees from conflict zones often continue to experience trauma from persecution, imprisonment, torture for a long time.
Psychological distress from war is harmful to refugee children and adults regardless of racial or cultural background. Refugees may experience a sense of helplessness and despair.

Do you need help?

Should you or a loved one need trauma support or counselling please contact MRASA Counselling Line on:
021 637 9181 or 076 430 4927 / 073 242 1495
to set up a face to face counselling session.