Feeding Scheme

Challenges faced by refugees and the local community have frequently made it hard to cope and deal with everyday life. Access to food is a basic human requirement for survival.The eradication of hunger is a millennium development goal that countries across the world are still struggling to achieve.

Malnutrition and other diseases are prominent in the developing world, especially among children. MRASA has launched projects to assist with fighting hunger and malnutrition in the poorest areas. These include regular distribution of food hampers and soup kitchens.

Due to the global economic crisis, food prices have increased exponentially. Our feeding points are strategically chosen so that food can be provided to children, the elderly and refugees. We have seen that even when people are employed, they still cannot afford the higher food prices, and even they are queuing for a hot meal.

Most refugees due to their back ground which is characterised by war and conflict, they struggle in South Africa and the only place they can turn to for a meal or food parcel is the Muslim refugees Association of South Africa (MRASA). With our feeding program, we increasing get a number of refugees knocking on our doors for support. We cannot however do it on our own; we need your support and every one to make this a reality.